Our Hospital

All about PetCare is a full-service small animal veterinary hospital providing compassionate, quality holistic and traditional veterinary care. Our goal is to provide compassionate care for your pet and unparalleled customer service to you. To further serve your needs, we offer luxury and traditional boarding, retail sales of prescription and premium pet foods such as Nature’s Variety, and Evo.

During the past few decades, more pets have moved out of our backyards and into our bedrooms, thereby becoming members of the family. We recognize that your pet holds a special place in your heart, and we strive to care for your pet as we would our own.

Whether your pet requires preventative care (i.e. vaccinations, spaying/neutering, or wellness check-ups) or medical treatments during illness, our veterinarians utilize advanced veterinary medicine to provide the best care possible to your pet. In addition, we offer same day appointments for all sick patients.

All about PetCare is unlike other veterinary hospitals in the surrounding communities in that we offer integrative medicine which combines conventional western veterinary medicine and holistic medicine. Holistic veterinary medicine considers the whole animal, not just the physical signs. The pet’s physical and mental state, as well as diet, exercise, lifestyle and environmental influences, are important factors. The types of holistic care offered by Dr. Matthew J Heller include acupuncture, flower essences, nutritional counseling, whole food supplements such as Standard Process, Chinese herbal remedies, and homeopathy/homotoxicology. Dr. Laura Arington has obtained certification in Veterinary Spinal Manipulation (aka chiropractic care).

Your pet’s love is unconditional and provides you with a great source of comfort. Therefore, your pet deserves the best veterinary care available. If you feel like your pet is just another patient where you are now, come experience pet care where extra time is set aside to ensure that both your pet’s health and all of your questions and concerns are addressed properly.