Pampered Pet Services

Who says you can’t spoil your dog while you are apart? All About PetCare is pleased to offer these services in addition to the tender, loving care our guests already receive.

Mid-day Play and Exercise

Your pet will enjoy 2 additional 10-15 minute private play sessions with our hospitality staff in our large, privacy-fenced yard. Your playful pup will go outdoors 4 times instead of 2 throughout the day. This is wonderful for dogs used to companionship throughout the day or for those pups who benefit from frequent potty breaks. Mid-day play is also perfect for high-energy dogs.

Bed Time Snack

Right before lights out, after good night hugs from our staff, your dog will be treated to a Bed Time Snack- an organic, yogurt dipped bone. Sure to induce sweet dreams!

Surprise! Toy

Pick a toy from our retail section and we will give it to your dog mid-way through their stay. A sweet surprise to remind them you’ll be home soon! And a great souvenir for them to take home from their stay with us.

Email or Text Picture Updates

Pictures are worth a 1,000 words! Your pet is having fun here at All about PetCare, and we would be happy to email or text you a picture or two to show you.

Daily Pampering

  • A daily brushing session is like heaven for pets that love to be brushed
  • A luxurious bath the day of pick up ensures your pet looks their best and feels great!
  • Pedicure: have one of our veterinary staff trim your pet’s nails during their stay
  • Lots of pets, pats and love
  • You can be assured your pet will be treated as if they were our own. When they are our guests, they are our family!

Gourmet Dining

In addition to the above services, we also offer a selection of gourmet meals that your pets will think are paws-a-tivly purr-fect!

Please click here to view our Gourmet Menu